We are Proud to be a Unique and Romantic Cancun Restaurant

Since 1977, La Habichuela has delighted both locals and tourist and has transcended into a Cancun legend.
La Habichuela is considered one of the iconic places that must be visited while on vacation in Cancun. This restaurant, operated by its founders transmits a genuine and unique style that after 45 years, has become a classic. It is a tribute to the Mayan culture which can very well be considered a museum.
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Our Atmosphere

You will be transported to the glorious era of the Yucatan peninsula witn our décor of carvings, statues and elements of the grand Mayan Culture.

A Peek at Our Menu

As beneficiaries of great traditions of our Mexican and Caribbean gastronomy, we have a particular taste for fussing genuine and delicious recipes without leaving out our favorites and the fresh falvors of the Caribbean.


Live a savory quality experience at the Habichuela.

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